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Serica Ux's album Bull and Bear has just been masterfully mastered by a one Alex Saltz of APS mastering fame. He has also worked with Deer Tick, Magnetic Island and Renminbi (to name a few). The album is still slated to be released in February 2011.


Hello. I've finally have gotten around to publishing my website so that you might be up-to-date on my projects and comings and goings.

I have just completed producing and mixing Serica Ux's debut album, and have placed it in the hands of Alex Saltz to do his mastering magic. Next on the chopping block is Coulter's upcoming EP---of course, this includes mocking up the tracks...recording should commence in late Feb.

Perfomance-wise, the bands that I am involved with will be undergoing temporary hibernation periods. Coyote Eyes will be taking a brief sabbatical while Manny Nomikos records some solo material. Serica Ux will be taking time off to organize the release of their debut album (entitled Bull and Bear) and rehearse the songs for extensive live-showing. And Coulter will be rehearsing new material for the upcoming recording sessions.